ready , set, GO!

I never thought that one day I would actually write about my favourite public figure, in this case, a veteran Japanese actor, by the name of ….. Go Ayano! ❤ yeap! I never thought that i’d reached this cheesy-fangirl point in my life, i guess that’s how unexpected life could turned out. So, what’s with […]

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hour before DAWN

It’s 1AM of 31st December 2020, which explains why the tittle, literary! More than that, I believe that 2020 also reflects the tittle, because they say that the hour before the down is the darkest hour. But those who made it through, would get to see an amazing dawn and sunrise. After seeing the dawn […]

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It’s a code. An initial for this man: S! And apparently, the S man succeeded in triggering my thought to wonder about him, even during such a hectic day, like today. Who is the guy? He is the lawyer of this new org i joined recently. Remember i talked about this palm oil farmers org […]

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The Unexpected

I think, it suits the year well. The unexpected. Many, as in innumerable, events have been so unexpected to roll out this year.. but BAAM! it happens despite our unpreparedness. For me, it goes in both good and bad; yin and yang; but it all leads to GREAT ending, in which i might not even […]

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I’m a farmer?

I’m not sure where to start the story. But, let’s hear it… Pop got involved in the organisation which dedicates for the fairness and prosperity of oil palm farmers in Indonesia, called APKASINDO (Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Indonesia). Well, of course there’s always hidden agenda behind every org. but for me, the main vision shares […]

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there’s “A” man

Entering second half of 2020, suddenly, out of the blue, there is a man. Somehow, the romantic department in my life pretty much blooms on the later part of the year. So, this man. His name starts with A! and he is bataknese! WOW! So, mr. A is a civil servant, here back in my […]

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New Role

I knew that a new role is awaiting for me once i’m back home, a role i never wished to get involved with, and yet fits my talent perfectly; organisations and politics. Papa has been trying and convincing me to try out politics and organisations, in fact people who close to me also think the […]

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2020 : Reality

New year. 2020. What an amazing year it’s going to be. In fact, am writing this on my birthday at January 13th, which double confirm it as new year!! Some words popped up in my head as i was entering the new year such as vision and clarity. But, as I approached the new year, […]

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Won’t be coming home for Xmas

It’s December 18th. Meaning, we’re days away from Christmas, everybody’s favourite time of the year. Funny how I used to be reminded about this festive and joyful season by my unofficial workplace which is called starbucks. Every time, their festive menu and songs at the cafe that got me reminded that it’s almost Christmas. Yet, […]

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beautiful storm

Not gonna talk about the actual and most recent signs of mother nature’s wrath here but more on the storm in life which makes it even more beautiful. Having through deep shit, about to get fired from the family and an almost-dead experience, i believe i could say that i went through storms of different […]

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