2020 : Reality

New year. 2020. What an amazing year it’s going to be. In fact, am writing this on my birthday at January 13th, which double confirm it as new year!! Some words popped up in my head as i was entering the new year such as vision and clarity. But, as I approached the new year, […]

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Won’t be coming home for Xmas

It’s December 18th. Meaning, we’re days away from Christmas, everybody’s favourite time of the year. Funny how I used to be reminded about this festive and joyful season by my unofficial workplace which is called starbucks. Every time, their festive menu and songs at the cafe that got me reminded that it’s almost Christmas. Yet, […]

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beautiful storm

Not gonna talk about the actual and most recent signs of mother nature’s wrath here but more on the storm in life which makes it even more beautiful. Having through deep shit, about to get fired from the family and an almost-dead experience, i believe i could say that i went through storms of different […]

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d’be<3d daughter

10.10.2019 – It’s a special day. Today is Papa’s birthday. Even if the birthday man is away in Jakarta with mama but we celebrate it at heart and i really think it even better because i think he needs to be away from us for this birthday. Actually, this year is the first birthday when […]

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open HEART

Kinda touchy topic here! Yet, somehow, i just feel the urge to write something about this today. Like, i really can’t get this itchy feeling in my head and heart. Why? What’s the trigger? Well, of course everything needs a trigger and so does this itchy feeling. And as expected, it’s a guy! Wait, i’m […]

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Broken <3-ed!

Yeap! The love the just took off with a great start, got hit by missile and scattered into pieces. What happened? many things that could go wrong just went wrong. I guess I finally experience what people say as ‘If he isn’t the one, he won’t be the one’. And all i could feel is […]

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I’m in <3

And so i finally come to write this kind of stuff. Yes, a love story. My own love story. I met this awesome guy via Instagram and little did i know that things would turn out so fast. We have been talking for 2 months now and we’re about to meet face to face by […]

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What If?!

The biggest question that all of us had is when we are face with decisions are: What if? So, somehow, some guys approach me in the past 3 weeks. And as a friendly lady, as it is my core character, I welcome all of them in the same mindset. Along the way, naturally, I get […]

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Being a sister ~ to a-teen!

I never thought that my baby brother would join me to live back at home!! Even if he didn’t come back voluntarily but rather cause he fucked up his study, and basically everything, by running away from Jakarta home, which successfully made the family on the toes for solid 2 weeks while he spent the […]

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I met Pak Jokowi

I can’t even describe the feeling. It’s all mixed up between ecstatic, star struck, respect, grateful, tired while digesting the lessons i learned in my pursue to meet my President: Mr. Joko Widodo. Here’s the story. Waking up this morning, I didn’t know Pak Jokowi is coming to town and spending the night here. While […]

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