2 years later!

Yeap. I’m back after 2 years and 3 drafts of unfinished blog post.

How am i doing? Hanging to the SOURCE of energy!

Hanging on what? Pretty much everything!

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-13 at 2.22.13 PM
Me and my business partner feeling the hype of Asian Games 2018.

This thing about starting up a STARTUP is really a life-changing journey where you re-discover yourself in a totally whole new level.

I never thought that starting a venture was like signing up myself to a path where everything I’ve known for many years will be tore down to pieces. All the knowledge, mindset, working process in the past which I used to gloat on?? it got me screwed many times and I had to tore it down.

Personal wise, I never thought that this is the kind of journey that will put my weaknesses under the spotlight and feel like being stripped down naked. And NEVER in my life i’ve thought that this-overrated-trend-by-so-many-people of starting a new business, will take me to so many vulnerable moments  while being exposed to so many people which, of course, made me feel so small, useless and the biggest failure ever, at times.

Those moments really bring me back to the question, ‘Am i doing the right thing? Have i heard GOD right when i took this path? or was I misheard it? Is it worth it?”

This journey has shaken my entire life so hard that it feels like i’m being under recalibration process. Calibrated for what? Have no idea!!! BUT knowing that I’m taking this journey with GOD, the only thing I could do is just to trust HIM and let HIM lead the process.

All i know and what i keep telling my self so many times is that i started the journey with GOD and GOD alone, so why don’t you consult to GOD as your eternal business partner rather than asking for people’s opinion or good favour to cheer you up? Because you hardly get any positive vibes from people around you.

To sum up, all I could say right now is that starting a venture or a business is no small matters. So, if anyone tell you to do it because you feel bored of normal corporate work or job, THINK AGAIN!! You gotta make sure you have the determination to get through the process all the way!  Because I could say for sure that starting up a new venture definitely comes with a high price. Fun but pricey!


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