The thing about DIGITAL

Sounds fancy and trendy right? Yeah! Everything is all about and all over DIGITAL thing and it is the serious IT thing! Even Indonesia as a country is on it’s way to acknowledge this new potential economy booster.

photo of green data matrix
Photo by Markus Spiske on

With my conventional advertising background, I first thought that digital is, in-a-way, like conventional marketing with a uniquely different channel / platform.

I could never be so wrong!

With the rapid improvement nowadays. Digital has evolved to a mutant that combining many aspect in many industry. Mutant? YES, i think of it as a mutant that is still changing itself to fits in so many aspects and industry.

With the never ending evolution process, comes the consequences and price. and what a price it is! A price that, by the end of the day, must be paid by not just individual but also companies and even country. That how big the power of this “mutant” thing is.

Digital has become a term for ways of doing things in order to cut cost, time, space or other limitation for business. But it has also manicured sense of humanity and morality for human kind in a larger spectrum because of the nature of this “mutant” .. people, and thus companies, are attached to it for 24/7 as in every second of it and it definitely influences and changes the user in so many ways without us realising it. No wonder people are getting stressed out, depressed and cold to each other these days.. because, they have been closely and intensely interacting through or with this digital “mutant”.

As a part of digital agency, I’m growing a concern about how thus “mutant” going to change human kind in the next 5 years or even in the next 2 years! I don’t know how to make this concern into a solid points to be able to come up with practical solutions or preventions action BUT all I know for now that I could start by making sure that everything I do alongside this “mutant” thing will not harm other people.

At leas for now.


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