Get a hold of yourself!

Get a grip and control yourself is another challenging task when doing business!! But it is also the very thing that is most difficult to do. In fact, i think it is one of the majestic internal task and skill that need to be mastered by business owner. Why is that important? Because letting emotions […]

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Right Time, Right Place!

Interesting thought today! So, as all business doers and marketing practitioners have known by heart, when starting a product, you must definitely have everything right; price, market, product’s function, channel, communication etc. Some experts even formulate some critical RIGHT factors as practical guidance which would easily found in almost advertising agency’s deck. And yes, being […]

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January is the month of celebration of the new calendar year and new age for me and what’s better way to celebrate it than RESET things with love and in courage. By RESET-ing i mean to rethink just like the normal cycle of every business in the opening of the year. Well, actually¬† most companies […]

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