January is the month of celebration of the new calendar year and new age for me and what’s better way to celebrate it than RESET things with love and in courage.


By RESET-ing i mean to rethink just like the normal cycle of every business in the opening of the year. Well, actually  most companies do it by the end of the previous year. Anyway, since this small business of ours give no such luxury as time at the end of the year since we normally loaded with jobs, it give me, at least, no choice but to do it in the beginning of the year.

Looking back to last year, I realised that I need to re-think and thus reset about many things. Funny things is, my past 2 post was saying something about me in the process of recalibrating right? I guess my gut was right, i’m walking down that path.

So, what are the things that I need to reset this year…..


I’ve heard it many times that VISION is important in starting business, be it small of big. But I’ve never thought that we need to always revisit it per semester, quarter or even month to keep our selves checked and aligned in the journey.

Vision is not just the big picture of what we want to become someday and print it to be put on the wall. No. It is way more than that. It is practical and daily goals to reach the long term goal of what we want to achieve along the way to get to the other side. And that is the very reason why I need to check and adjust or reset the vision on regular basis.


Now, priority. This is another most heard word by all motivators out there. “Set your priority right!” Uh huh, easier said than done, especially when you have so many things to juggle and each cry for your effort, attention and energy.

But, it is true. Without setting priority, I’d be wasting time and energy that could be effectively spend on building something else and I learned it the hard way. Being a jack-of-all-trade who could hardly say no, setting my priority is a challenge of it’s own that I must do.

Just like vision, and somehow I think priority is closely related with one’s vision, I need to adjust and revisit my priority on regular basis.

RESET-ing all those points is quite a huge process. It doesn’t the previous one was total failure, it’s just not right for me. Sometimes, we need to learn in the hard way to know that what works for others are not working for us but it doesn’t make us less great than others. It’s just a process that need to be done to meet the greatest version of me!

So, the trickiest part about making this RESET action  is that I need the support from people whom you trust. It would be best if you could receive love while doing this to give you strength and courage without feeling like a loser.

Now this year, as I celebrated the new year and new age, I am blessed with the chance to evaluate things and RESET those thing with love. GOD has blessed me with abundant love to encourage me while taking another huge step. All I need to do now is to make the leap and let GOD to the rest.



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