Right Time, Right Place!

Interesting thought today!


So, as all business doers and marketing practitioners have known by heart, when starting a product, you must definitely have everything right; price, market, product’s function, channel, communication etc. Some experts even formulate some critical RIGHT factors as practical guidance which would easily found in almost advertising agency’s deck.

And yes, being blessed with intelligence and capacity to discern things, we as human being could learn and study the RIGHT formula, including when starting a business. Ignited with zeal and fiery passion, I tried to study several formulas and gone through some ups and downs to find the right essence.

BUT I could never find nor study nor create nor achieve the RIGHT TIME and PLACE to meet a new investor, launch a campaign, etc. It is the very thing that beyond my jurisdiction as a mere mortal.

As cliche as it might sounds, I learned by hard and reminded by GOD that HE is the only one who could bring me, or what ever it is that i’m doing be it business or relationship, into the right time and place.

I could try as hard as i could but I could never ever bring my self to the right timing and place by my own effort.

So, another important lesson and realisation today is that starting a business is a close walk with GOD so better make sure that HE is your business partner and board of commissioner with the biggest share in whatever venture that you’re doing because theres so much you could do as human and you’ll need HIM to do the rest!




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