Get a hold of yourself!

Get a grip and control yourself is another challenging task when doing business!! But it is also the very thing that is most difficult to do. In fact, i think it is one of the majestic internal task and skill that need to be mastered by business owner.

When i’m not sure of controlling myself, i just seclude my self to ponder and think clearly.

Why is that important? Because letting emotions get hold of you would lead to mostly regrettable decisions and situations, which could be avoided when you get a hold of yourself instead!

Yes, it’s not easy considering the innumerable factors that involves in it. Yet, i figures that the most crucial factor, and most of the time, is because people factor. When you deal ,communicate and face different type of people it will trigger, accidentally or not, the emotions in many ways. In fact, the very reason i share this piece because i just recently experience a situation where i had to deal with some people who almost made me snap and lost it. Thank GOD, HE reminded me to calm down and do not let my emotion take over the conversation.

But, once you can and trained to get a hold of your self and your emotion, you practically walk in different path from the rest of the world.

Why? simple, because you would have different mindset which make you see the world, problems, issues, people from different perspective. A perspective which allows you to resent the negativity and embrace the goodness in everything, a perspective which encourage you to make a bold step with whatever risk that comes along with it (after you calculate it of course) and it will keep you in the path that leads to your purpose and objective!

Sounds like super power right?! INDEED. No wonder, in the bible it says that those who could control his emotion is more than a victor. I get the understanding now.

How to train yourself? Just like physical training, it’s about exercise and nutrition consumption. Filter and take care what you let your mind and senses eat from, absorb from, meaning you have to feed yourself with good books, good conversations and good ideas with good people. Never let bad and junk idea get a pass into your head and stay there. Next, train your thought in bad situation and when bad thoughts happen to always see the big picture to reach your purpose or main objective!

It sounds simple as in only 2 steps but GOD knows how hard it is. To help you get through it, you need to surround yourself with like minded people. No wonder all those great people say that the same bird flocks together right? There you go!

So, let’s practice it for the new year!



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