The thing about DIGITAL

Sounds fancy and trendy right? Yeah! Everything is all about and all over DIGITAL thing and it is the serious IT thing! Even Indonesia as a country is on it’s way to acknowledge this new potential economy booster.

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With my conventional advertising background, I first thought that digital is, in-a-way, like conventional marketing with a uniquely different channel / platform.

I could never be so wrong!

With the rapid improvement nowadays. Digital has evolved to a mutant that combining many aspect in many industry. Mutant? YES, i think of it as a mutant that is still changing itself to fits in so many aspects and industry.

With the never ending evolution process, comes the consequences and price. and what a price it is! A price that, by the end of the day, must be paid by not just individual but also companies and even country. That how big the power of this “mutant” thing is.

Digital has become a term for ways of doing things in order to cut cost, time, space or other limitation for business. But it has also manicured sense of humanity and morality for human kind in a larger spectrum because of the nature of this “mutant” .. people, and thus companies, are attached to it for 24/7 as in every second of it and it definitely influences and changes the user in so many ways without us realising it. No wonder people are getting stressed out, depressed and cold to each other these days.. because, they have been closely and intensely interacting through or with this digital “mutant”.

As a part of digital agency, I’m growing a concern about how thus “mutant” going to change human kind in the next 5 years or even in the next 2 years! I don’t know how to make this concern into a solid points to be able to come up with practical solutions or preventions action BUT all I know for now that I could start by making sure that everything I do alongside this “mutant” thing will not harm other people.

At leas for now.


2 years later!

Yeap. I’m back after 2 years and 3 drafts of unfinished blog post. How am i doing? Hanging to the SOURCE of energy!

Hanging on what? Pretty much everything!

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This thing of starting up a STARTUP is really a life changing journey where you re-discover yourself in totally whole new level.

I never thought that starting a venture was like signing up myself to a path where everything I’ve known for many years will be tore down to pieces. All the knowledge, mindset, working process in the past which I used to gloat on?? got me screwed many times and I had to tore it down. Personal wise, I never thought that this journey will get  my weaknesses on the spotlight and stripped naked. And NEVER in my life i’ve thought that this-overrated-trend-by-so-many-people of starting a new business, will take me to the so many vulnerable moments in my life and got it exposed to so many people which, of course, made me felt so small and useless at times.

This journey has shaken my entire life so hard that it feels like i’m being under recalibration process. Calibrated for what? Have no idea!!! BUT knowing that I’m taking this journey with GOD, the only thing I could do is just to trust HIM and let HIM lead the process.

All I could say right now is that starting a venture or a business is no small matters. So, if anyone tell you to do it because you feel bored of normal corporate work or job, THINK AGAIN!! You gotta make sure you have the determination to get through the process all the way!  Because I could say for sure that starting up a new venture definitely comes with a high price.



Yeap! quit the fancy office desk to join the nomaden citizen at co-working space 🙂


I’ve been working in Advertising industry for 9 years. Gained somewhat impressive skills in strategic thinking and honed myself fair share of acknowledgement in the industry. My last position was Account Director at a rising start agency in town. Basically, I was in a situation where, most likely, a step closer to my career golden era. But! And when a big BUT butts in, you just can’t ignore it. All these knowledge and skills and time in the industry has got me questioning about a lot of stuff and the biggest and majestic self-asked-question is : What’s next in life?

With such heavy and intriguing question dawning in your mind, you’re just restless until you find an enlightenment of direction.

And so that was the beginning of this journey to try on the walking-on-uncharted-teritory journey. And the easiest answer for those busy body is of course : ‘I’m trying a start up!’. It’s a way simpler and shutting people kind of answer since I don’t have the patience to have a lengthy explanation of the real deal behind.

So, I quit my corporate job because I need the time to stop and have a clear vision of which “specific direction” to take in this trending topic era as what the media labelled as ‘Start Up Era’ cause you simply can’t do that when you have daily job mounting with deadliest deadlines glued to it. When you’re in advertising industry, you’ll get what I mean.

Now, what do I mean with “specific direction“?

Here’s the thing. With the rise of technology role which followed by digitalisation of almost everything, it puts the so called Start Ups to pedestal. Naturally, everybody, but mostly the youngster or at least those who are labelled as ‘peterpan generation’, immediately and excitedly chose this path. But, the thing is, and what I mostly found in most client during my serving years in agency, they sort of like blinded by the bling-bling light of the pedestal without having deep knowledge of what sort of game it actually is. it kinda make them move in a crowded part of the industry with no specialty at hand. All for the sake of riding the moment and not losing the momentum of the era cause it looks like the land of honey and milk. That’s when i see as the need of a ‘specific direction’

I understand this Start Up thing definitely open up a whole new opportunity beyond borders, norms, culture and what other normal business consider as hindrance or stumbling block and that’s what makes it sexy. But, make no mistake! This so called Start Up is like a pandoras box and might lead to complication in different dimension that yet to be studied further. I’m not sure what it take as the basic investment, apart from funding of course, for this new sexy game but I know that the most basic is my full time attention.

And that is why I quit my corporate job and allocate my time to find the ‘specific direction’ to pursue in this Start Up tight race at the nearest co-working space.


First blog ?

Is it my first blog? Absolutely nope!

But, is it my first effort of seriously blogging rather than just writing a piece of my thought when i feel like it? Absolutely!

Kinda wanna make it as my diary, showing my progress as I decided to have jump in to Start-Up-pedia, hoping it might help or at least give reference for those who are thinking to do the same.